Sneaking Islamic Teaching Under the Radar

I've been reading about the Gulen charter schools, which are teaching Islam under the guise of international education (primarily Turkish).

They are gaming the H1B system to get a huge number of teachers brought in from abroad (they account for over 30% of the total visas).  This doesn't seem right, at a time when many American teachers are unemployed.

I've long known that the H1B visas were a scam to get low-cost workers into this country (and also, to bypass regulations about the number of visa holders from any given country).  The computer industry was a major abuser of that type of visa, bringing in foreign workers while laying off American citizens.

Aside from the H1B abuse, there is a bigger issue - that of importing Turkish culture and Islamic religion into the US.  These schools are operating in many states - CA, LA, and OH, just to name a few states with Gulen schools.

What is this "Gulen movement"?  Read here.
around 1999 the Gulenists began to establish publicly-funded charter schools in the United States, where they already had a small number of private schools.  In many (but not all) countries the Gulen schools appear on the surface to be completely secular, yet some observers have found that they covertly engage in missionary activities either after hours in school dormitories, or during other extracurricular activities. 
Here's information about the OH schools, called Horizon Academies.



Anonymous said…
Excellent another American that has done their research about this group of 140+ Gulen Managed Charter Schools.
Here are some other informative web sites for you. has factual attachements from government documents (IRS, H1-B, grant applications, etc.,)
The Gulenists will lie about their association with Fethullah Gulen even act like satisfied American parents.
This site is from a former American teacher of their Schools in Ohio (Horizon Science Academy) under their Foundation Concept Schools they have just put in for a $93 million bond. To date since 1999 the estimated tax payers money going to these clowns is well over $1 billion.
If you want to get disgusted go to UTube and watch American children waving the Turkish flag - singing and dancing in Turkish.
America wake up 1) Talk to your local school district 2) warn parents to remove their children from these schools they are a terrorist target in SE Turkey the PKK have bombed the Gulen Schools
3) Talk to your state Attorney's General office regarding the financial money laundering through the NUMEROUS Gulen Foundations and Institutes that are layered around these schools.
Anonymous said…
I am a teacher from one of these so called Gulen schools. American teachers are not qualified to teach science and math to childrens. Your own government knows that Turkey is superior and that is why we are needed here for you and your future society. Turkey is a secular country of joy and piece we bring harmony to the world. Our culture comes from the cradle of civilization. Keep chasing your goose tails.
Linda said…
Come, now. You can't make a blanket statement about American teachers - I suspect they are like teachers everywhere, some good, some not.

Turkey is not as secular as it once was. The push to bring in Sharia is getting more open.

I rather suspect that the real reason Turkish teachers are being brought in is that the State department wants it, and the H1B program is being utilized to make it happen.
Fethullah said…
You can visit the following link to get more information on the Gulen Movement and Fethullah Gulen.

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