It's the Culture, Stupid!

Years ago, James Carville coined the phrase, "It's the economy, Stupid!"

I thought then, and still believe, that he was wrong.  Look, we're Americans - we live in the most lavishly-gifted society EVAH!  We've got material goods up the whazoo.  We have access to so much food, we've got poor people who are obese!

But, we've allowed our culture to become so coarsened and enfeebled, that we are suffering a true cultural poverty.  We seldom even react to assaults on our sensibilities.

We hear truly foul cursing in public - and we close our ears.

We turn on a TV at any time of day - and are visually assaulted by coarse language (*&^%$, My Dad Says), sexually-oriented programming (talk shows, Victoria's Secret extravaganzas, children talking about sex in a trifling way), and



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