Using ITunes Podcasts Feature to Bypass the Mainstream Media

Click the link above to download ITunes.

Why would you do that?  You don't own an IPod.

Because ANY computer (Mac or PC) can use the application.  AND, there are Thousands of podcasts on a wide variety of topics - education, leisure, exercise (both audio and video), religions, and, yes - politics.

I have several podcasts that I subscribe to - though they are delivered without any more effort, I still have choices - I can listen to them, download them to an mp3 player (NOT just an IPod), or, if the topic isn't that interesting to me, I can delete them.

One such pocasts that I'm listening to right now is Newt Gingrich's speech at this year's CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee).  I never voted for Gingrich, don't plan to, but he is a remarkably clear and compelling speaker.  He lays out issues in understandable language, and speaks both knowledgeably and straightforwardly.

Here's the podcast.



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