Now That the Election is Over, What Do We Do?

Honestly, it's all going to vary by:

  • Your circumstances - are you employed, do you have any energy left, what is your bank account telling you, how urgent is the need for activism in your state?
  • Your state/region - what are the issues, will you need to work for the party in the off-season (preparing), are there local issues to contend with?
  • What is your passion - issues, dreams, plans, relationships?  Is there a current issue that drives you?  For me, it is always immigration - those Congressional cockroaches always seem to have another proposed bill up their sleeves.  Although the need ebbs and flows, most of the time, I need to be on top of this issue, lest they slip a fast one by us.
I've been working to set up some post-dated posts - some non-time urgent posts that will be scheduled for publication, to keep my blog in the forefront of people's thoughts.  I've been setting up ads (see sidebar), and updating some old money-churning activities.  Expect to see posts more regularly.



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