Post-Election Analysis From Sarah

First, I find it amazing that in just 2 short years (and a few months), Gov. Palin has become well-known enough that she's one of those select few that are commonly referred to by only 1 name.

Second, read her article in National Review - it's worth the time.

A small sample - referring to her support of more conservative candidates - whether or not they are more electable - she writes:
Certainly we can and should back sensible center-right candidates in bluer states, but I see no point in backing someone who supports cap-and-tax, Obamacare, bailouts, taxes, and more useless stimulus packages. If you think such a candidate will be with us when it comes time to vote down an Obama Supreme Court nominee, you’re living on a unicorn ranch in fantasy land.
She has some advice:

  1. The first lesson is simple: Set the narrative.
  2. The second lesson of this election is one a number of the candidates had to learn to their cost: Fight back the lies immediately and consistently.
  3. Another important lesson is that we will need the mother of all GOTV efforts if we wish to win in 2012.
  4. The last, and possibly most important, lesson is that a winning conservative message must always be carefully crafted.
That last piece of advice may be an argument against using rookies - in almost every case, they weren't experienced enough (including Sarah, during the 2008 race) to side-step the booby-traps, avoid the faux paus, and keep from stepping on one's own tongue.  It's understandable.  It takes time to become polished.

Therefore, any time that a local or low-level state position opens up in the next 2 years, we need to send in the rookies.  Let them get their feet wet in the small ponds of local politics.

Also, these aspirant politicians need to learn more about their city and county government - they need to attend the zoning meetings (I did, recently, and was both enthralled and educated by the experience), the school board meetings, and, yes, even the soil and water conservation meetings.  Find out what different offices DO.  Learn the nuts & bolts of government, and what the different positions CAN do, & what they CAN'T do.



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