Last Gasp of Energy

I worked today - it was tough.  I have a cold, and I basically felt like #$%^&*(.

But, with only 1 day before the weekend, it didn't seem worth taking off (trust me, for teachers, it's a LOT more trouble to take a day off than to go in sick).  I did so, and, with the help of tea, cough drops, and a lot of decongestant, I survived.

Also, I might add, thanks to some wonderful kids that knew I wasn't feeling well (they just had to look at me), and who rose to the occasion.  Bless them, all of them.

I'm home.  I'm lounging around, taking in liquids of the type that I can't at school, and enjoying the evening.  I'll probably turn in soon (again, thanks to those liquids).



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