WHY the Anti-Illegal Immigrant People Feel That Way

You know, I sort of feel about this Immigration Divide - one side wants to stop being the destination for anyone who can walk across the border, the other side KNOWS that the ONLY reason for not wanting to prefer having these scofflaws in America is because THOSE people are Racist, Bigoted, and Just Hateful, not to mention Secret Nazis - like my dad did about desegration orders back in the 60s and 70s.

He always asked:
If it's such a good thing, why aren't the people that support it sending their own children to those schools?
Now, please, before you tell me how your high-priced private school or its suburban equivalent has 0.5 percent black students, ask yourself - are those kids the gang-bangers, the professional drug dealers, the convicted felons whose lawyers managed to persuade the judge to give them probation provided they return to school?

I thought not.  We aren't talking about the same kids.

The same with the illegals each side knows:
The Pro-Illegal Immigration Side:
The gardener, the Nanny (who loves their kids like her own - you know, the ones she don't see for a week or so at a time), the deserving high school graduate who just wants to be able to attend college at in-state rates (instead of being grateful that he managed to get a free K-12 education that he WASN'T entitled to).
The Anti-Illegal Immigration Side:
The thief, the mugger, the drug dealer, the gangsta', the rapist, the drunk who runs into them in an uninsured car.
Are there "good" people who walked across the border without permission?  If by good, you mean willing to ignore the laws about border-jumping, visas, employment, collecting welfare, taking money from taxpayers to send their children to school, etc., well, yeah.

But, that's not my idea of being good.

Might I add that none of those above-mentioned activities are legal in...Mexico.  The Mexican government will get right after you if you break those laws, including fines and imprisonment - and Mexican jails are not "happy places".

Check out what Mark Steyn has to say about both sides.
That’s Arizona. To the coastal commentariat, “undocumented immigrants” are the people who mow your lawn while you’re at work and clean your office while you’re at home. (That, for the benefit of Linda Greenhouse, is the real apartheid: the acceptance of a permanent “undocumented” servant class by far too many “documented” Americans who assuage their guilt by pathetic sentimentalization of immigration.) But in border states, illegal immigration is life and death. I spoke this week to a lady who has a camp of illegals on the edge of her land: She lies awake at night, fearful for her children and alert to strange noises in the yard. President Obama, shooting from his lip, attacked the new law as an offense against “fairness.” Where’s the fairness for this woman’s family? Because her home is in Arizona rather than Hyde Park, Chicago, she’s just supposed to get used to living under siege? Like Gillian Duffy in northern England, this lady has to live there, while the political class that created this situation climbs back into the limo and gets driven far away.
Somehow, I don't think the American Dream is meant to create a permanent underclass of serfs for the rich liberals.  If the laborer is worthy of hire, pay market rates.  Stop justifying your using illegals by saying how much better their lives are.

That's exactly what the slaveowners of the South said.



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