I'm not a huge fan of Conspiracy Theories - although I loved the Mel Gibson/Julia Roberts movie.

But, there's been a niggling prod at the back of my head, ever since I heard about the oil spill in the Gulf.  That prod says:
  • How convenient.  Obama didn't want to drill, but was pressured into it.  Now, thanks to the spill, ALL drilling may be eliminated due to fears of an environmental catastrophe.
  • Funny, although the cause has been speculated about, the word "terrorism" hasn't been mentioned.  Oh, well, I'm SURE terrorism is a myth, anyway.  Everyone, including radical Islamicists and Environmental wackos, loves us.
  • What are the odds that, just as the push to start getting that Cap & Trade bill moving again, an energy-related crisis would erupt?  Which, of course, provides cover for Congress to pass the bill.
  • Lastly, JUST as unemployment benefits end, there's a new crisis that has to be dealt with, and the funds can be approved without political penalty.  Hey, maybe we can employ some potential voters with EPA funds!  Win-Win!
Ever since the financial meltdown that was SO convenient for the election, yet didn't seem to affect financial guru George Soro's fortunes, I've been suspicious about these crises.  Are they being manufactured for political (and, probably, financial) gain?



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