Just Chillin'

I'm on a break.  I've been working hard for most of 8 hours, and will be working at least 3 more after that.  I've made major progress with cleaning and organizing (I fell dreadfully behind in the push to get work graded).  I could use one of these days at the end of every grading period.

I just finished scheduling the remainder of the required standards - as usual, we have too little time, and too many standards.  Honestly, I have never found a state education board that could resist shoving everything but the kitchen sink in the standards.  This is one of those areas where Less is More.

Generally, I love teaching.  I love my subject (science), and find the students to be interesting.  It's a challenge to find out what keeps some of them from learning, and help them to do so.

I always enjoy meeting the parents of my students.  They are generally wonderful people with a very tough job - raising good kids.  I wouldn't trade places with them for anything.



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