Surviving the Week

It was a tough week; about Wednesday, I was unbelievably fatigued for no apparent reason.  I doubled my vitamins, got more sleep, and toughed it out.

By Friday, I was feeling on top of things, at least at work.  What can I say?  Due to the demands of my job (teaching two classes with a high-stakes test at the end), I'm having to spend inordinate amounts of time planning, assessing, managing behavior, and providing tutoring to those who are in danger of not passing.   It takes more time than you would think, hence the bone-tired feeling at the end of the day.  Most days, I walk more than 5 miles around my classroom - I've been tracking with my pedometer for some time.  Most days, I'm juggling all the demands on my time non-stop for 8-10 hours minimum.  Kids think I'm difficult about releasing them for bathroom breaks; they have 7 minutes between each block to take care of stuff, and 35 minutes at lunch.  I don't have the time between blocks, I'm manning the hallways (per administration rule); that leaves only lunch.  So, yeah, I think, if I can hold it, so can you.

At home (or, I should say, HOMES), I have the usual maintenance issues; right now, I have to scrounge up underwear, as most of it is in the OTHER home.   It leads to a constant irritation - much of what I need at a given time is either in the other home, or somewhere in the van.  Confusion about just where it is causes some brain fog.

My sister is half-way through radiation for her cancer; she's tired, in pain, and suffering a variety of side effects, but she's hanging in there.  She's got a good attitude, and she has family around; I think she will be fine, in the end.  I've been crocheting her a chemo cap, to provide some soft cover, and some warmth - unfortunately, in 3 weeks, it's still on the ground floor - barely an inch and a half done, so far.  I'm going to cart it around with me everywhere, and hope to be able to say that I've made progress by the next time I post.

Scott Brown has been sworn in; I think the Republic is safe, for now.

In some respects, no news is good news.  Major disasters haven't surfaced in some days, so I'm taking that as good.



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