Private Internet

I've recently hooked up a wireless broadband connection to the internet - haven't yet managed to make it a wireless hookup for 5 people, as promised at the store.  While not totally easy to set up, it isn't that bad, either.

Why did we spend money on this, especially in these days, when the goal is to cut down on monthly expenses?
  1. Den is taking 2 online courses, and needs access to the internet regularly.
  2. The internet at school is heavily censored; they block even sites we could use that are harmless.  Further, the tech people don't keep the JAVA and Flash downloads up-to-date; we can't use many educational sites because of that.
  3. The house we are staying in during the week has 2 TV channels, and we don't want to go to the trouble of setting up a cable/satellite account.
  4. I'm an internet junkie.\


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