The Problem with Helping Haiti

I know we in the US need to send aid, short-term, just to get the country's dead buried, and the survivors basic needs covered.

However, I'm fearful of having the US essentially taking over, and becoming embroiled with the ruling elite's corruption.  The country had a disaster hit it, but disasters occur in many countries, while not turning them into a basketcase.  Haiti was a failed country long before the earthquake caused this immediate problem.

I'm in favor of aid, with strings.  Any money has to be controlled by the aiding agency; local politicians shouldn't use the crisis as a way of enriching themselves.

Haiti needs to be flooded with LOTS of people with video cameras; Big Government is one that should send in a team.  We know from experience in Ethiopia that there are always those who will take our natural impulse to offer help, and cynically use it to further their own ends.  We can't depend on the international media to report such events fairly; we've seen how often they are on the wrong side, and hide the story.


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