There'll Always Be an England...

Well, maybe not.
As of today, the Lisbon Treaty comes into force in Europe and Britain becomes just a province of that supranational authority

Can't say it will matter much to many in this country, my own family included. The closest connections I have to the Mother Country are a childhood friend, whose parents were British subjects, and my great-grandfather, who was born in England.

I grew up hearing stories about Churchill and the England of WWII. I own a set of the WWII histories that Churchill wrote, starting with "The Gathering Storm" - it's pure vintage Churchill. He wrote just like he spoke - you can hear his voice on every page. Not like today's politicians, who, if their autobiography sounds like them, have hired a good ghostwriter.

I'm old enough to have learned English history in school, and to have learned about the Magna Carta, and its significance in history.

No more will the English direct their own destiny - it's all in the fussy bureaucratic hands of Brussels.

Churchill must be whirling frenziedly today.



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