Tough Week

I've been sidelined with a nasty cold. I'm working to finish my online class, keep up at work (we're heading into the week before the Awful High-Stakes Test), and, hopefully, clear out the mess that our living quarters has become.

But, first, the important things. Like politics.
  • The Health Care bill(s) - there are more than 1 version, you know.  It makes it easier to say "oh, that's not in the bill" and not have your tongue fall off due to blatant lying.  However, it's a shell game, and one that responsible lawmakers ought not to play.
  • Obama's Far East trip - meh.  Not historic (despite the Obamite press superlatives), not worthy of mention.  The bow?  I think it's an attempt to deflect attention from the Saudi King bow.   "Oh, THAT bow?  Nothing to talk about.  I do that all the time (except to the Queen of England, who I disrespected big-time)."
  • Twilight?  Another soppy, Wuthering Heights-type gothic romance for silly girls and their even sillier mothers.  Rather disturbing that Bella takes so lightly the loss of her soul, but probably to be expected in a secular-worshipping world.
  • The trials of terrorists?  Shameful that precedent (and good sense) are to be ignored.  I predict nothing but waste of money, bad legal precedents, and ridiculous amounts of publicity for the terrorist organizations.
  • Thanksgiving?  I am truly thankful for my (relative) good health.  My baby sister is facing surgery this Tuesday, outcome a total mystery.  But, with all the prayers being offered for her, I am hopeful.
  • My dear SIL is facing probable lay-off; he and my daughter are making their Christmas plans with that in mind.  It was probably inevitable that unemployment would hit a family member; many are facing a bleak Christmas.  Let's not forget, however, that the gifts and spending are the smallest part of the holidays.
And, after all, we have much to be thankful for.  We can face the uncertain future with the expectation that we will act as Americans - rising to the occasion.



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