Was the Ft. Hood Attacker a "Moderate Muslim"?


Falls Church, VA, where his family is from, is where a since-convicted iman preached a very radical version of Islam.
After deliberating for seven days, the jury convicted the cleric, Ali al-Timimi of Fairfax, Va., on all six counts in the indictment, including counseling others to wage war against the United States and use firearms and explosives in furtherance of violent crimes. Timimi, who will remain under house arrest until sentencing on July 13, faces a mandatory life sentence under federal guidelines.

Timimi, 41, was described by federal prosecutors as a rock star among radical Islamists and the spiritual leader for a group of young men who trained to fight abroad for Muslim causes, including defending the Taliban against U.S.-led forces.
What did the mosque hear from him?
A scholar of Salafist thought, which advocates a strict adherence to traditional Islamic values, he lectured at Dar Al Arqam Mosque in Falls Church, Va., and disseminated many of his speeches on the Internet.

Many of those lectures dealt with lifestyle issues, like marriage between Muslims and non-Muslims. But in one message to followers that was introduced at trial by the prosecution, Timimi described the crash of the space shuttle Columbia in 2003 as a "good omen" for Muslims in an apocalyptic conflict with the West.

So, that, on top of reports that the radical doctor shouted "Allahu akbar" as he fired into the crowd, leads me to believe that this wasn't just an isolated loner, but a part of a larger pattern.

How many incidents like this do we need to act? Who else has to die?


Anonymous said…
Do you even know he went to that mosque? Just because he lived in that town for a while doesn't mean he went there.

Wow, this site is getting more and more racist by the minute.

You can think it's part of a "larger pattern" all you want, but I could show you just as many Christans that have also gone on shooting rampages. Does that mean there's a "larger pattern" there too?
Linda said…
The difference is that Christians on a rampage generally don't shout "God is Great!" or "This one's for Jesus Christ!" as they blast away. Christians generally take out people they have a personal grudge against.

And, what THEIR family and friends say is, "he's been troubled for some time." They don't blame the victims for being there.

Not 'crazed' Muslims. Any non-Muslim in the vicinity will do. Or, any female in his family who, in his opinion, isn't sufficiently 'Muslim'.

And, what their families say is, "everybody must be lying (even when the event is taped), we're sure the J-O-O-O-S must be behind the whole thing."

That is, when their families don't blame the victims for not accepting Islam.
Linda said…
Dear anonymous,

I did read your comment, so I checked it out. Yes, he DID attend that mosque.


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