Ft. Hood Shootings

I heard the news around 4:00, when my husband stopped by my room to tell me.

My first instinct was to call all my kids.

I said to my husband, "Let me guess - crazed Presbyterians, right?"


Anonymous said…
Of course you said that. Because you're terrified of anyone with a non-christian sounding name.

Did you say the same thing when the Christian Michael McLendon killed 11 people in Alabama in March?

Or when Christian Timothy McVeigh blew up the Federal Building in OKC?

Psst... your racism is showing.
Dr.D said…
@ Anonymous

Why do you say that Michael McLendon was a Christian?

I think it is pretty well established that McVeigh was not a Christian at all.

So, no there is no racism at all in the remark, simply an intelligent reaction. She did not say with certainty that it was a muzlim. She said, "Let me guess" which implies something less than certainty, only high probability. And high probability is fully justified, and was in fact right on the mark.

Get over the tired "racism" remark. It is really old, meaningless, and simply stupid. To make good use of our brains is not racism, but rather common sense. You really should try it some time, if you have anything left to use after drinking so much Kool-Aid.
Anonymous said…
Dr. D the fact that he was a Muslim has zero to do with what happened - just like when Christian Seargeant John Russell shot five soldiers dead at Camp Liberty in Baghdad; and just like when Sgt. Jon Trevino (Catholic) retrned from Iraq and killed his wife and them himselfs.

So maybe you should make "good use" of your brain and realize that the term "racism" isn't old, meaningless or stupid. It's a definition that fits perfectly with the sickenig prejudice that this site espouses.
Dr.D said…
@ Anonymous

Take a look at the word "racism." It refers to "race," but muzlims are not a race, so it is utterly irrelevant here. It is old and tired because the charge of racism is used, just as you used it, to apply to everything from the person who cheats at cards to the person who clearly takes an aggressive action based purely on race. It has become meaningless because it is applied to everything and there really means nothing any longer.

The fact that he was a muzlim and was doing this as an act of jihad is evident in his cry of "Allehu Akbar" when he struck. The average, out of his mind killer does not do this. Even if a deranged, nominal Christian kills, we have no record of them shouting that it is for the honor of Christ. Can you see the difference?
Linda said…
Nicely said, Dr. D.
Anonymous said…
You mean like this?


He killed someone because that person was acting against his religious beliefs.

You can try to split hairs and say it's different, but it's not. So let me know when you want to go on a Christian rant and I'll come back and comment on that.

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