Stats Down - Time for Tattoos

Looks very dark - a lot of ink must have been used. I shudder to think of the pain.

This design, although not its placement, have a practical use - when the inevitable spiderweb varicose veins start showing up, it will camouflage the aging.

The page where I found this is very pro-tattoo in women. A sample of that feeling:
Anyone and everyone are getting them, as there no longer is a “type” to get tattoos. Unfortunately, employers still have a say about the acceptability of tattoos if it is in their dress code. They can say no to visible tattoos as long as they are consistent across the board about it. If you have tattoos that can be covered up, you do have a better chance of being hired in corporate America. Tattoos should not affect your hiring status any more than your color, weight, race or anything else except your ability to do the job.

To me, the difference is that your color, weight (to a certain extent), race, etc. are not deliberately chosen. Having chosen a symbol (i.e., the tattoo) that causes some negative feelings, it's hard to see why the owner then says, "you can't think negatively about it."

For many, including myself, the tattoo is not a symbol of beauty. It is a deliberate disfigurement of the body. For many Christians, it is forbidden by the Bible. In some faiths, it can prevent you from going to Heaven.

I'm not such an extremist. But, I don't like tattoos. We get enough "dings" by time; why add to the damage deliberately?

Furthermore, I have seen tattoos that sufficiently mar the face or other visible parts, as to inhibit the wearer from working most jobs. Even the McDonald's-type employers don't want such a person working the front counter - it can be bad for business. And, in a declining economy, every dollar lost hurts.

Most people don't judge an occasional tattoo - sailors, after all, have traditionally sported some body art. Military regs prohibit going over-the-top on this, and so limit it becoming an addiction. But, addiction is becomes for some - who leave as little as possible NOT decorated. That, I believe, is too much.

As far as the "tramp stamp" - think about this. You wouldn't be judged by it if it was kept under wraps except in intimate circumstances. But, when it is on display night and day, exposed by sagging or skimpy clothing, don't be shocked when a judgment is made by the world.


Dr.D said…
Ugly as homemade sin! Just think how these folks are going to look as old women in the nursing homes, sitting around with no teeth and needing help with everything. Oh, they are going to be a pretty sight!
Anonymous said…
So it's ok to judge people if they're "asking for it" by exposing their tattoos.

Good to know. Next time I see you in public, I'll be sure to comment on your ugly-ass harido and clothes. Because, you know, if you kept that stuff under wraps, you wouldn't be judged by it.

What a ridiculous, hypocritcal post.
tattoos designs said…
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Anonymous said…
@ tattoos designs
Oh, wow! Very natural looking demons and other scary things that I want to stay far away from. Why on earth would any one put one of those things permanently on their body?


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