Sound Familiar?

So now we are to beg relief from the O'Messiah? I found this video on Curmudgeonly & Skeptical. Can the forced enrollment into the Obama Youth be far behind?

For those who think that comment is WAY over-the-top, I urge them to actually read some Hitler-era (and Stalin-era, which was the same time) reports. Initially, it all seemed harmless, if a bit worshipful. All the kids joined the Hitler Youth and the Red Pioneers. They were just like Boy Scouts, coupled with songs about Our Wonderful Leader. Later, attendance at the youth groups wasn't so voluntary. Schools cooperated in forcing all youth to join. So, you can begin to see why some are uneasy with the schools' eager recruitment of children into singing The Leader's Praises (the quasi-deified phrases should trigger alarms, as well).

This is just 1 aspect of the Age of Obama that many are viewing with suspicion. Ask yourself, if Bush had had groups writing praise-songs to him, and made singing them a part of the school day, wouldn't you have gone gonzo on that? So, why are these activities not tripping the Oh-Oh meter, as well?


I would say the proposed "GIVE Act" has already given the game away.

"The needs of the State come first," don't y'know?
Dr.D said…
Blasphemy is the only word that fits here. Obama is a false god, one that is already falling flat on his face. Only a completely mindless idiot could be saying these things.

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