The Problem with Socialism in a Few Words

From Eternity Road

We know from experience that socialism is a process of general impoverishment; it needs infusions of life from capitalist societies to forestall collapse.

I've been thinking about money lately; how to get enough for my retirement, what is "enough", and such.

I'm lucky; both my husband and I are in professions (teaching science) that are in short supply, at least in some areas of the country. There simply aren't sufficient Physics/Chemistry teachers (plus Math, in his case) to fill all available positions. No Child Left Behind has been a blessing to us, personally, as it requires that certified teachers must be used in schools receiving federal money (almost all of them). There has been a frenzy to recruit such teachers in some states, leading to such (to us) fun situations as getting signing bonuses - just like the Major Leaguers.

I'm personally not that big a fan of stockpiling money, in ANY place. The downward spiral of much of my investments over the last year (although SOME have partially recovered) proves the folly of saving big heaps of money. Sad to say, there are few investments that are bullet-proof (or recession-proof).

What does seem to work is paying off debt. Other than the obvious problem of medical care, we really don't need all that much to live on. Once the house and cars are paid off, and all other debt is gone, that leaves regular bills (utilities and the like), food, medicine, and, well, that's about it. So, the majority of our efforts are going to debt reduction.

But that strategy won't work if the government eyes my paid-up home enviously, and readies plans to tax me into selling. It won't work if the accumulation of money in savings is whittled away by inflation. It won't work if the government is broke - they won't do the logical thing, and lay off (or even let go, permanently) employees, cut expenses, and slash unneeded programs (according to many, there is no such critter as an unneeded government program).

When I say government, I mean primarily the House of Representatives. So, it's vital for all of us to work to elect to Congress people who understand that we DON'T want this non-stop orgy of spending to continue. Further, we want these Representatives to start using their red pens on existing programs, and give us relief (that's spelled L-E-S-S T-A-X-E-S, BTW).

2010 is coming fast. Find out the potential candidates, get to know them. Not only their policies and plans, but also their background. Volunteer to vet them, make sure that they won't be rendered hopeless at the last minute by a scandal. Check out their tax returns, their business ties, their affiliations, their recreations. Make sure there are no surprises. Nothing hurts worse than a good candidate derailed by negative headlines (isn't it amazing that they are always at the last minute? You would almost think that the Democrats are playing according to a manual.)


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