Obama - His Enemies List

`The American Spectator has a post on the kind of politics Obama plays:
In late August, the Obama campaign emailed an "Obama Action Wire" to thousands of supporters and liberal activists exhorting them to harass the offices of Chicago's WGN radio by flooding the station with angry phone calls and emails. Activists screamed insults to call-in screeners. The radio station's offense was that a long-time, respected radio host had the temerity to interview Ethics and Public Policy Center watchdog Stanley Kurtz. Kurtz had uncovered university records that documented a much closer relationship between Obama and Ayers than the presidential candidate had previously disclosed.

A few weeks later, state prosecutors and top sheriffs in Missouri who were prominent Obama supporters responded to a chilling Obama campaign request. They styled themselves as a "truth squad" and threatened to prosecute anyone including media outlets that printed or broadcasted material they deemed to be inaccurate about the Illinois Senator.

Obama contributors in the Justice Department's Civil Rights section (headed by $2,000 Obama donor and former ACLU attorney Mark Kappelhof) urged preemptive prosecution of individuals the Obama campaign believed might disrupt the November election. A cited example of anticipated disruption was to send mailings of a non-violent nature addressing voting issues unfavorable to Obama.
This isn't a new tactic. Obama's been playing hard and dirty for years.

Dirty? Surely that's a nasty word for something "everybody does".

You decide:
After becoming a state Senator, he quickly set his sights higher and ran for a House seat against Congressman Bobby Rush. He lost. What to do now?

He set to work to redraw the state electoral map to serve his political goals.

Critics disparage this type of practice as gerrymandering; but when it is done by politicians that are favored by commentators it is characterized as "redrawing the map".
His rise after this point underscores the importance of often-ignored groundwork - he who controls the infrastructure, wins!

Another blast from the past:
why did so many Democrat legislators in 2004 express a hearty dislike for Obama? It seems that in 2003, Emil Jones, the new majority leader of the Illinois State Senate, made Barack Obama the sponsor of virtually every high profile piece of legislation on his agenda.

Because the Republicans had been in control of state government for over 20 years there was a huge backlog of items. Jones also gave Obama the bills straight out of local headlines, such as a ban on pyrotechnics in nightclubs after 21 people died during a stampede at a Chicago nightclub that caught fire. After having been all but invisible in prior sessions, Obama became the sponsor of 26 bills enacted into law in 2003, thanks to Emil Jones. In doing so, Jones shafted a great many veteran Democrat legislators who had sponsored similar bills in the past, only to watch them die in committee session after session.


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