Joanne Jacobs Followers, Come On In

Over at Joanne Jacobs, the talk turned political. I invited anyone who wanted to continue the discussion to visit. Feel free to hit the comments.

The talk centered on the expected effect of the new Energy bill - commonly called Cap & Trade. Some feel that the bill will cause stress on an already troubled economy; others feel that the hoped-for benefits will be worth it.

The changes brought in by Obama HAVE been major:
Just think of it… the federal government (Obama and Congress) now has de facto control over the banking industry, the insurance industry, the auto industry, and (after the Senate passes this Bill and Obama signs it) the energy industry in this country. The only thing left is the health care industry – which Obama’s gearing up to fight for, with ABC News’ help – and once they have control of that, the federal government will control more than 1/2 of this nation’s economy, and they will be able to micromanage all Americans’ lives.
Personally, I don't think it's unreasonable for people to worry about the effect on the economy, and our system of governance. The changes have happened fast, and they have been costly. We're expected to trust that it will all be worth it - without any evidence to that effect. We might have more trust if there had yet been some measurable good results.


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