Such Men Are Dangerous

I've been reading various blogs in The National Review, Powerline Blog, and others. Powerline is pessimistic - with good reason - about the economy. Many Americans are.

But Powerline - and Victor Davis Hanson - are concenred, as I am, about Obama's leanings in international affairs.

Many Americans were not happy with Bush. They felt that he was too trigger-happy. I didn't agree, but I accepted the reasonable people can disagree.

Obama, however, is way off in the other direction. His rush to appeasement is Chamberlain-like. Obama has never met a dictator - especially Islamic - that he didn't like.

I'm concerned. So I'm channeling my anxiety into work with local and state political parties. I'm also funneling my support - and money when I can manage it - to conservatives of either party.


Clay Callaway said…
Linda, I am glad I found your blog! I have recently started blogging and I really enjoy it! I look forward to following yours!
Clay Callaway
(Clayton B. Callaway)

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