OK, Wait & See Is Over!

I was reading a post on the Pajams Media site, and it nails some of my concerns about the Geithner nomination for Treasury Secretary. Number 2 gets my attention:
2. Disparate treatment of previously pulled nominees

Zoe Baird (Clinton, 1993), Kimba Wood (Clinton, 1993), and Linda Chavez (Bush, 2001) all had relatively minor or potential issues with self-employment taxes on household help. Geithner’s unpaid amounts were exponentially larger. Is there a whiff of male chauvinism in the air?
Either it's a big deal, or it's not. You really can't change that standard, depending on the party in power, and seriously maintain your pretense that you're above the partisan fray.

Got it, Big O?

BTW, I didn't like the snarky, quasi-royal assertion of authority The Big O displayed before the opposing legislators the other day:
During his private meeting with congressional Democrats and Republicans on Friday, President Obama ended a philosophical debate over tax policy with the simple declaration that his opinion prevailed because "I won."

Democrats called it a light-hearted moment that drew laughs around the table. Republicans said there was laughter but couldn't recall if any of it came from their ranks.
Sort of like a husband making a "light-hearted" remark about in-laws, and laughing himself sick (but, not noticing that his wife doesn't join in the hilarity).

Wake up, Big O! It wasn't a 2/3 victory in the Senate. You still need the opposition, and cannot afford to pi$$ them off.

Note to Republicans in Congress and the Senate: you need to hang tough, and resist the steamroller. Otherwise, you might as well go home and find another job.


Anonymous said…
"I won."

I hope he realizes he's only "won" until the American people decide otherwise.

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