A Younger Replacement for Andy Rooney?

It seems that we will always have curmudgeons. Now that Andy Rooney is one step from the grave, how about Richard Cohen? He can be the replacement old man who complains constantly, about a variety of things, in an incoherent way.
A BlackBerry is of limited utility. You cannot have a hearty family breakfast with everyone gathered around the BlackBerry. But with a good newspaper, the president could read the hard-news section, the first lady could adhere to gender orthodoxy and read the softer sections, and the kids could chuckle at the comics. Just as in the old movies, papa could explain things, like what’s the purpose of NATO anymore. (I’m dying to know this myself.) Not all newspapers have comic sections, but even those that don’t usually have sports pages and business columns.
Someone really ought to tell Cohen that the stereotype of the old person who is befuddled and suspicious about technology is G-O-N-E.

Maybe that someone should be me.


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