What WOULD Obama's Birth Certificate Show?

I've been following the issue of Obama's missing birth certificate. His campaign produced a Certificate of Live Birth, which is NOT the same thing. It is a affirmation from the state of Hawaii that Obama was born on a certain day, to certain parents. As the law of Hawaii is written, a Certificate of Live Birth can, and has, been issued to babies born in other countries. Which is not a problem, for the most part. I believe that Hawaii has this practice because of the high number of military families that are resident in their state. It makes the process of asserting citizenship easier.

However, for one citizen of Hawaii, this practice isn't sufficient. Obama, due to job requirements, needs to have an actual birth certificate, showing his actual place of birth.

Now, I don't think it's at all that likely that Obama will be proved to have been born in another country. Because of the age of Obama's mother, and his father's non-citizen status, his qualification for the job he wants may be in jeopardy (it's complicated, but, basically, his mother had to have lived in the state of Hawaii for five years after her 16th birthday - not possible for a teen mother - to pass on her citizenship, IF he wasn't born in the US).

What I do think is that Obama wants to conceal the actual birth certificate because there is embarrassing information on it - marital status, father's identity, medical information, etc. Get over it. Release the document.

To my mind, a bigger question is why Michelle Obama gave up her law license. She didn't just make it inactive, as Obama did. It's been surrendered. That is a truly extraordinary thing to have done. It's usually done when there is action against an attorney - it is given up as part of a negotiation, and in lieu of further action by the state bar.


Anonymous said…
Have you also asked that McCain offer up his COMPLETE medical records. In fact, there is no reason why Obama must offer up his birth certificate because some folks on the Right don't want him to be president...he need not react to every dumb charge made against him.
Louise said…
McCain did.

And, there is no reason why except to give proof to the doubters...is Obama above that? Jesus Christ was not above that when he allowed Thomas to probe his wounds so that he could believe Jesus was the risen Messiah. Oh, I forgot Obama is the 2nd Coming...maybe He is just not as compassionate to our human-ness this time around?

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