Blogging Update

I've not been writing much lately - hardly anyone has, Instapundit to the contrary. It's the pre-Christmas season, and we're all very busy.

But, several things have made that lack of output less depressing. As of today, all my family seems to be improving in health, or at least no worse. After playing around with scratchy throats and stuffy noses, we seem to have avoided a major outbreak of disgusting respiratory infections (well, they ARE disgusting. Everyone makes the most awful noises, and sniffs, and has a puffy face - they look horrid).

My computer (PC) is back in operation, the Mac is still working, and a few of my missing electronics have been found.

Although I haven't bought much yet in the way of gifts, today I received a large and unexpected check, so I will have the cash to buy them, when I get around to it.

The weather has warmed (I must send Al Gore a thank-you card), and, even with a light drizzle, it's a pleasure to be out.

Obama is making rather tame, not radical, appointments, and even Congress seems ready to turn off the flow of bail-outs.


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