America is NOT a Monarchy

I'm with this guy. He succinctly makes the case against "giving", or perhaps I should say, bequeathing, the NY Senator seat to Caroline Kennedy.

Where the blazes are the feminists on this? Haven't we progressed beyond the days when the only way a woman made it into the Senate was as a relative of someone? Bad as the "semi-entitled" Clinton run was, she did, at least, run for the position.

She was a kid when the President died. She's done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING political until recently, when she held out the Magic Fairy Wand, and blessed the Anointed One with the Camelot Imprimatur.

What Hogwash! She's just a rich kid, whose father died in office, and who spent the majority of her life in the lap of luxury. However nice she is (and, I admit, she has a good reputation for being a decent human being), she ain't the heir to the throne.

This is America - 'ya gotta work for what you want.


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