Really Strange Tattoos

I found references to some strange tattoos on Ann Althouse's blog. When I say STRANGE, I'm not kidding:
Ropes tattooed around your arms and legs so when you crossed your arms or legs it would appear as if you were suggesting bondage.

Robot parts tattooed on working segments of your body.

Open eyes tattooed on your eyelids.

A mustache tattooed with glow-in-dark ink, just for fun.

Jagged backhoe bucket teeth tattooed around your mouth.

Mucus tattooed draining from your nose.
The rest of the suggested tattoos are even stranger.


Morbius said…
Previous Quote by Linda:

"I, OTOH, have always tried to blend in. But, that's the curse of the truly different. We DON'T want to stand out - we work very hard to be as much like everyone else as we can (which, to be honest, we aren't, and never will be. I now understand that, at 57 years old. I'm not like the crowd; I never can be. Live with it)."

For me the only change is 57 to 59.
In all my travels I've never seen myself so well described.

Thank You

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