Just A Few More Days

I've been running around for the last few weeks, trying to get caught up on school work, and get ready for the convention. I have had to skimp on something, and that's been the housework. The house now looks like someone dropped a paper bomb in the living room, and another one - this time a clothes bomb - in the bedroom.

I expect that it will take at least 2 more days to make it livable again.

On the politics front, I'm tired of trying to analyze the widely varying polls. If you believe some polls, Obama needs to start measuring the White House for drapes. If you believe others, McCain will squeak by. No matter which you see, all the pollsters are hedging their words, hoping that their reputation won't suffer in the aftermath.

Feh. And eh.

What is the only thing that counts, the actual vote, is still 3 days away. I'm personally rooting for McCain/Palin, but am not willing to say that they will win. To hear the media tell it, the majority of the country is filled with knuckle-dragging Neandertals who want to Stick It To The Black Man. Hence, the widely-held belief that the Bradley Effect will do Obama in.

I'm personally of the belief that much of the frenzied grasping for votes by ACORN and other Nuts is because they fear that Effect. That, and they honestly believe that there is a nefarious cabal who are programming the machines to record votes (falsely) for Republicans, planning to cruise the streets on Election Day, glaring intimidatingly & caressing weaponry menacingly, and engaging in other chicanery, all to wrest the fairly-won election from the despairing hands of the Deserving Black Man.

Caps intended for emphasis.

Me, I believe that Republicans are too busy doing what they always do - taking the money out of orphan's hands, tantalizing the homeless by holding food just out of reach, and otherwise amusing themselves while waiting for the government bailout of their portfolio - to bother themselves with stealing votes.

Besides, few Republicans would want to steal the rightful job of Democrats.


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