Only a Few Days More, Thank God!

I've been busy for the last few days, preparing for the NSTA regional meeting in Charlotte. Yesterday, I was at the convention, where there was email access only.

My running around has had an unintended side effect - I haven't watched much TV.


Because the airwaves here in the NC/SC region have been saturated with local political ads, which have been repetitive, nasty, and, frankly, enough to get me to turn off the TV completely.

I can't wait until it's all over.

On another note, I've noticed that many of the Obama partisans have virtually stopped talking about "when" the big O wins. The talk at work was non-stop for a while, but now, there's very little discussion. Could it be that the assumption of inevitability is beginning to fall prey to reality?



Anonymous said…
Reality? Nah, but inevitability is now in question.

Link sent from friend of mine is important:

Something to remember:
Only poll that's important is the one next Tuesday.

My prediction:
"Silent majority" will elect John McCain by 6 points or more.

"Spread the wealth" message was heard loud and clear! This got a lot of folks looking very hard at all the other "Messianic" pledges.
Anonymous said…
Reality Check

Just In:

Dick Morris tells Newsmax that Friday night's polling for Zogby of 1000 likely voters shows a huge shift for John McCain.

Zogby's poll, conducted on Friday night only, has McCain at 48% and Obama at 47%.

Zogby's overall poll has Obama with a lead -- but that's based on a three-day average that includes

Wednesday and Thursday polling data.

"There is a seismic shift for McCain; it could turn into an earthquake this weekend," Dick Morris told Newsmax.

How can this be?

Seems that sleeping giant called the "Silent Majority" is waking up!

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