The Ups & Downs of Politics

I'm a political junkie. Like many bloggers, I am relentless in following the issues (NOT the personalities), and, so, I have accumulated sufficient background that, when I read or hear the news, I can understand beyond the headlines.

Most people cannot. I don't mean this pejoratively, I simply mean that I have actual knowledge about the subjects being discussed.

  1. Obama & Rezko? I've been reading about their connections for over a year. So, when the media finally catches on to the underlying story, and pontificates about how this doesn't mean anything nefarious that would reflect badly on Obama, I have the background to call that BS.

  2. The ACORN connection? I'm a native Ohioan, and have kept up on the sleazy activities of Obama's favorite "community organization" for some time. Yeah, they are that corrupt, and that uncaring about the essential underpinnings of democracy. Their goal is to subvert elections via phony voter registration, intimidation, and outright criminal activities.

  3. Current legislation? I don't need the MSM to tell me what the bill says - I have Thomas. For those who haven't used it, it's a search engine that can bring up legislation - summary, full text if desired, backers, supporters, current status, and, once passed, who voted what way.

    Also has Supreme Court info, treaties (for fun, type in the words Law of the Sea Treaty - you need to spend some time on this, as the bill has some important information buried deep, but, once you understand it, you will likely be as against the legislation as I am), and the Congressional Record, among other things.

    It's truly an amazing resource. I'm flabbergasted that more reporters don't use it - they can't, or they wouldn't write such tripe about pending legislation. At least, I HOPE they wouldn't be so partisan as to willfully mislead their readers.

Sad to say, most people I come in contact with don't have a strong background on current events and issues. They take their arguments straight from their local news summary or party talking points. When I mention an easily verified story or issue, they look aghast, and say "WHERE did you hear that?". They look as though they expect me to say "Rush Limbaugh told me". BTW, I've only heard a few minutes of Rush, once, while driving. I was switching stations, and stopped briefly, on his program. I asked my husband who it was, and he told me. I listened for a few minutes, then switched to another station.

Haven't been back. I'm not a fan of his, and haven't become a "Dittohead".

No, I don't slavishly follow an officially anointed representative of "the people". I don't wander about, clueless, waiting for the magic touch of the opinion-maker's Word From On HIgh (WFOH). I read (preferably source documents), take in data from a variety of sources - liberal, conservative, moderate, and libertarian, and, finally, make up my own mind.

I really wish more people would do that. It would make it so much more interesting to talk to them.


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