Celtic Tattoos

Not crazy about this one. Too flashy and shiny.

I kind of like the depth of this picture. It has a 3D quality to it that is esthetically pleasing.

I'm always amazed at the extent people will go to "individualize" themselves. They will spend money, endure excruciating pain, and take up hours of their time to make themselves "different".


I, OTOH, have always tried to blend in. But, that's the curse of the truly different. We DON'T want to stand out - we work very hard to be as much like everyone else as we can (which, to be honest, we aren't, and never will be. I now understand that, at 57 years old. I'm not like the crowd; I never can be. Live with it).


Anonymous said…
I completly agree. 58 years (soon to be 59) much the same. Must be a '49 or 50's thing.

Enjoy your blogs. Very unique and right as usual.

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