The First Debate, and Other Things


Does Ace of Spades explain it all to Obama about why meeting with world leaders is not a chance to Jimmy Carter it up, wide-eyed, eager to talk, ready to be The Healer?
You know what would happen if an Obama administration asked to meet face to face with Khamenei? If Obumble-mumble was lucky, his request would simply go unanswered. That's hoping that Obumble-mumble didn't make the request public, but did it through back channels. If he was unlucky, no matter how quiet the request, the Iranians would make the request public and still not answer.

Khamenei would make Obama his bitch. In public. The Islamists like Hezbollah would be repeating it from one end of the ME to the other, showing their followers and wanna be's the power of the Ayatollah to dis the President of the United States. See, he comes on bended knee to the most powerful man in the Middle East. Whatever Syria was thinking about their US relationship, they'd hedge into the Iranian camp further.
It is a bitch-slapping of major proportions.

Plus, don't miss this post by The Volokh Conspiracy that shows a flaw in the bailout (OTHER than the ones already discussed) - it comes down to the meaning of PROFIT. Go check out the post - failure to do so can cost you even more money than you thought the bill would.


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