News Update

I'm going to provide a quick update on news I've missed blogging about:

  • The John Edwards Affair (like the Thomas Crowne Affair)

    What can I say? That his behavior was sleazy, selfish, and, ultimately, doomed to failure in the cover-up? Well, some are excusing it, saying that he was obviously under stress, due to his wife's illness.

    The trouble is, so was she - and she wasn't catting around. So, I don't think that dog will hunt.

  • Russia slaps down Georgia (no, not the US Georgia, the Russian one). The breakaway provinces need to understand - Russia is like that estranged, psycho wife - she'll NEVER let you go, no matter how much you want it. You're HERS, for all eternity.

    Pity it had to happen during the Olympics. But, Russia will continue to participate, and the Games will go on. Wouldn't do to have a repetition of the Carter 1980 debacle, when we tried to get the Olympics cancelled.

  • The rumor is that the "heckler" was a plant. Good idea to get that out of the way BEFORE the convention, O.

    Meanwhile, a factory working the late shift was woken with questions about the incident - his only crime was to share the same name as the free-lance photographer.

    Some reports have listed John Quinn as a Republican - I doubt that McCain's people were involved, although I suspect that Obama will scream "Foul!"


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