End of the First Week

Some ups:

  1. I finished my first week in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system.  If they got a grade on how they moved the new teachers through the system, they'd get a 97.  Not perfect, but, compared to the chaos of many major school systems at this time of year, it's a screaming success.
  2. And the HR staff are professional, competent, and absolutely the essence of Southern charm.  Kudos to them all.
  3. I managed to find many of the items I had packed from my last school.  And, I managed to get access to some software that I needed in the new school's computers - they are iMacs, version 9.1 OS.  Thanks to Vernier, who rushed me the information I needed - they're tops.  Call them if you need WONDERFUL science hardware and software.
  4. I finished the week having gone to Bally's EVERY DAY - I'm so proud of myself.  I'm moving better now, and expect that this change will pay off in increased flexibility and, hopefully, a loss of weight.
Some downs:

  1. Russia invaded Georgia.  The Olympics DIDN'T kick them out, which I think they should have, however much it hurt the athletes.  Bush spoke out against the invasion, and is supporting Poland, who has been threatened by Russia.
  2. The Chinese seem to value appearance more than honesty.
    1. The substitute singer - the original wasn't photogenic enough, they thought.
    2. The rebuke they delivered to Bush, who brought up their human rights abuses.
    3. The computer-augmented fireworks display, which went unmentioned by the media.
    4. The apparent cheating - both the questionable judging, and the use of underage gymnasts.
  3. A beloved semi-son (his mom is alive, but we were privileged to have him in our home for a time) has cancer.  He is only 29, and he has a wife and a young son.  We're praying for his recovery.  Please add your own.
In all, a good week.  Hope yours was the same.
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