Day 3 has passed, and the Republican Refuseniks are still standing strong.
At times on Tuesday, the third day of the Republican protest, nearly all of the chamber's 435 seats were filled with members, constituents, and tourists as lawmakers tried their best to project their voices without microphones to be heard.

“One woman told me she had driven two and a half hours just to be here,” said Colorado Rep. Marilyn Musgrave.

Monday, the Capitol police attempted to bar people who were visiting the Capitol building from entering the normally closed corridor leading to the Republican cloakroom, a tiny railroad-car type of an anteroom with a tiny kitchenette that leads onto the rear of the House floor.

So members of Congress went roaming the halls of the neighboring congressional office buildings, and personally escorted groups of constituents onto the floor so they could hear the Republican protest firsthand.

“Welcome to the people’s house,” Hensarling said when his turn came to speak in the well of the House on Tuesday.


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