Assisted Suicide in Oregon

Mark Shea has a post about efforts to expand the Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) laws in that state. Just one reason for the bill to be voted down:
there is word from Oregon that some of those who asked for the lethal dose of pills were being manipulated by adult children wanting their inheritance sooner. Not one of those requesting PAS was evaluated for depression in the latest 2007 statistics. And as to the rest, who knows--the Oregon law does not allow investigation of assisted suicide cases and requires the destruction of all records within a year, so it is nearly impossible to track who is requesting PAS and how people actually died.
This next part is horrifying to me, as some of my ancestors were Dutch:
In Holland, which is the pioneer of the pro-euthanasia movement, doctors euthanize patients without permission. One physician told how he had killed an elderly nun because he knew that her religious scruples would never have allowed her to request this herself--so he did it for her.
Please consider donating to the effort to stop this evil legislation.


Anonymous said…

The Washington State Psychological Association evaluated all the data and found no evidence of abuse or coercion.

Additionally, the request to use death with dignity has to be signed by two witnesses, at least one of whom is not related to the patient and does not work for the health care facility.

Don't fall for scary anecdotes when we have 10 years of real data from Oregon. Death with dignity gives terminally ill patients peace of mind.

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