McCain & the Age Issue

The Obama campaign is playing hardball with Joh McCain.

They are suggesting that age is making him not capable of the job.

The AP quotes the McCain campaign's response:

McCain's campaign admits that some may be concerned about his age, and for that reason, his choice of a VP is critical. But, that's true of EVERY presidential candidate - no matter how young (remember JFK?), presidents may not survive their term.

I just checked on iGoogle - how come the same people that think John McCain is too old at 71 have no problem with Ralph Nader - age 74?

I tested out both men with the Death Clock

John McCain - height 5' 7" - weight 160 - non-smoker

Predicted date of death - Monday, August 22, 2033 - in an optimistic mode

Barack Obama - height 6' 1/2" - weight - smoker (yeah, I know he has said he's quit, but I know that he's also been caught recently)

Predicted date of death - Wednesday, October 31, 2040 - also in an optimistic mode

The difference isn't that great - and, for both, it's long after their term of office would be over.


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