This, I Disagree With!

In an interview of prominent female bloggers, Emily of American Princess, is quoted as saying:
I think politics isn't something women are necessarily as interested in.
I have to disagree - in my experience, many women are avidly interested in politics. However, many of those women are less inclined to argue, considering disagreement to be unpleasant.

Me, I don't care. I grew up in a family that used the after-dinner hour around the table as a wonderful excuse to air their opinions on EVERYTHING. None of us hesitated to put in our thoughts, and my youth was not used as a way of negating my heatedly stated opinions.

I breathed in the stuff of local, state, and national politics at an age when my peers were watching Leave it to Beaver. As my family often had visitors to the table, I was able to hear what a variety of people had to say. As a result, I was a classroom whiz at Current Events, History, and Civics. School was like grade school, compared to the graduate-level training I had at home.

Maybe I'm not a traditional woman. I like to argue. I enjoy marshalling evidence to prove my opponent wrong, or at least uninformed.

I have to disagree about that one, Emily. Women are too diverse to push them into a stereotypical box labeled "feminine".


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