A New Blogger (To Me)

I was reading some posts in Gates of Vienna, and noticed an interesting commenter. I followed his link, and discovered escape from freedom. A taste from an especially thoughtful post:
When one of these Pakistanis was asked why he would move to a country so alien and brave the long and cold winters he replied that he liked the law and order. That got me to thinking. There you have it in a nutshell. My home country is an utter mess so I will move to yours not to assimilate and appreciate your own unique culture. No siree bob, I will take what took your country hundreds of years of hard work and bloodshed to accomplish and become the ultimate usurper. Why not? It’s easier this way, and all I have to do is cry racism and your elites will give me what I want. It is almost the same as buying a successful company and reaping the rewards that took that business years to build. My country is a loser so I will take yours. What these dolts fail to recognize is that the reason their home country is in such bad shape is largely due to corruption and a 12th century mindset. In their infinite wisdom they figure if they take a country already successful and apply sharia law everything will be hunky dory.

Spackle (his online name) deserves a larger audience. Consider visiting and becoming one of them.


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