Savers Vs. Spenders

On bRight & Early, I found a link to a new scheme of Hillary's. She wants to jump-start every American's retirement with a 401(k) and a seed of $1000.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton proposed tax cuts of up to $1,000 a year on Tuesday to encourage millions of working-age families to open personal 401(k) retirement accounts.

The New York senator said the program would be paid for through higher estate taxes.

That would be taxes on us Ants - the ones with the ability to defer current pleasures for future rewards.

So much for our future rewards - we'll be paying for all those Grasshoppers even after our deaths.


Dymphna said…
It's disgusting, isn't it? The Dems are nothing but panderers.

And many Americans are so economically illiterate that they don't get it. Even some of the "grasshoppers" -- those with passive 401k's don't know anything about market-driven medical care. Or about supply and demand in general.

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