Cleveland Indians - WAHOO!

This is a great year. It could be better - I could be in a front row seat, watching the game. But, I have Dish, I'm getting the game on our new flat-screen, and - well, life is good.

So far, the Tribe looks pretty good. They're ahead, no major errors. But, it's only the bottom of the 2nd inning.

I'm hoping that Carmona can pull it off.


Victor said…
Hey tribe fans instead of cheering for chief wahoo its time to start crying woohoo. Next to those choke artist fom NY what other Northeastern Sports town can be called a city of Champions. That's Right Boston! Repeat after me cleveland fans, fans from a miserable loosing city, Boston Teams own 24 Pro Sports Championships: 16 from the boys in green the Celtics, and one more for them this year; 3 from our NFL team aptly named the Patriots; 5 from our NHL team the Bruins; and 1, soon to be 2 from the Redsox, after we sweep your sorry indian asses. What does cleveland have 2 World Series Titles from over 6 decades ago, no championships in the NFL era, no NBA titles. cleveland is a city of losers Boston is a city of winners. No more curses we're the big dogs now. Cleveland is just a bait dog readying Boston up for our next Championship. Those weak as yankee teams got nothing on our Red Sox, now Boston's the empire a city of championships on steriods. Think those punk as yankees were tough? Not! It's over Red Sox sweep cleveland! On to our second World Series Title you guys can now be the lovable loosers those. The Red Sox and Boston will forever be the city of Winners. Heck think about it we rocked cleveland and its fake ace yesterday like we'll rock the mistake by the lake today. Your city is pathetic to have one of your own franchise players such as Lebron James diss you by puttin on a yankee hat. Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series Champions! Get ready to be mowed down cleveland!

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