Reading the Best

You know how, you're just reading along, dipping into one post after another, as you catch up on the blogs on a Saturday morning, when suddenly you hit a post that makes you say "WOW!" - it stops you cold.

This is definitely a 'WOW!" post.

Gerard Van der Leun writes American Digest. He doesn't post as frequently as, say, an Instapundit. But, when he does post, it's generally worth it. In this post, he's writing about a town I know, Asheville, NC. It's like a lot of the new Southern towns, earnestly trying to be "Southern", that is, down-home, but not in a hick way, but very up-scale and ironic, 'ya know. It's a town that works very hard to price things so the OLD South won't want to come to town - they'll go where THEIR kind do, the Wal-Mart and Hardee's. Dressing like a farmer is good, actually having to smell the real thing is - well, NOT.


Gerard said…
Many thanks for your very kind words.

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