The Dream is Dead - Very Dead

I found the post below when I was searching for information about the status THIS week on the Dream Act. I didn't notice the date - thought it was recent.

My bad.

I agree with Camarota - Rosa, and others like her, need to accept reality. She received an education, absolutely free, that will allow her to take the next step. Rather than complaining about what the CITIZENS of this country won't give her, she should be grateful about what she has been given.

And go home - to Mexico.


Anonymous said…
Damn straight... Rosa should have realized this back when she was 7 and saved herself all this trouble... if she had only refused immigrating with her family... I mean, it really was her fault... when she was 7, if she had only told her mother it was illegal to move to this country...

Snark aside... she has been here most of her formative years... THIS is her home... not Mexico.

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