New Video

I'm finally reasonably caught up on work stuff, the house is starting to take shape (still filled with boxes, though), and I'm getting back to relatively regular posting - just in time.

Check out the new Blog4Borders video outburst. It's still AMNESTY, but they're not calling it that. Do the Elected Ones think we're stupid? Don't answer that, of course they do. They've buried this amnesty-substitute in a defense bill.

Please, PLEASE, get on the phone, email, fax - let them know how opposed you are. Mention that you will be withholding both money and your vote - not just national, but also state, and local. If you can, also reach the local and state politicians - they will know how to bypass the screening of the Senate offices, and reach the Senator - with a "what the @#$%^&*( are you doing? My phone is ringing off the hook! I have a job to do, and if you don't do something, I'm going to lose THAT!"

That should get some attention. And, a side benefit is that it's a local call.


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