The Other Lindsay

There's really not much to say about Lindsay Lohan's arrest. She's been displaying erratic and clearly impaired behavior for quite some time, with little consequence. She needs a LONG drying-out period, with no "compassionate" breaks - those will only be used for more chemical/alcohol binges. Remember the Robert Downey releases? Every time, he went right back to the gutter. Only his final stay in jail gave him the time he needed to finally sober up.

I hope. Because, you can never tell with an addict - they can spend long stretches sober, then go on a bender that takes them back to square one.

The interesting thing about the SCRAM bracelets is that, once again, using technology to replace a watchdog JUST DOESN'T WORK. Guys, the tech can be fooled. There's no replacement for intelligence.

Which brings me to the TSA's reliance on sophisticated hardware - bomb-sniffers, X-rays, wands, etc. - the weak link is the people. And, although I've run across fabulous people in the TSA, and some who qualify as both professional and more than competent, sadly, some are placeholders. If you want good security, GET RID OF THE USELESS!

The recent uncovering of the JFK plot also brings up another issue - take the recent "probe" activity seriously. Stop squabbling about profiling, and "get 'er done".


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Lindsay is quite interesting girl...

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