I Hope They're Scheduled for Intensive Searches

On Captain's Quarters, he posts about the alarming number of "probing incidents" lately:
The Transportation Security Administration has issued a bulletin that confirms that an uptick in suspicious incidents indicate that a terrorist attack on airliners may be close at hand. The items seized by TSA include clay-like substances, potential IED components such as wires and switches, and cell-phone components that could be used as remote triggers (via Michelle Malkin)
Frankly, if I had to fly in the near future, I'd be more than a little nervous.

The Captain isn't the only one concerned.


After Black Tuesday, I vowed no longer to fly -- and I once held a private pilot's license. Literally everything we've done to "secure" the skies since then has done the opposite. Worse, it's all aimed at promoting the sense that commercial flight is safe even as things get more hazardous with each new "security measure."

There's one and only one security program that would produce a reasonable degree of safety in commercial flight:
1. Muslims and persons from Muslim-majority countries may not board an aircraft capable of reaching any point within the United States. Any proscribed person who is found to have done so despite the measures against it shall be charged with felony endangerment.
2. All meals served aboard any commercial airliner shall consist of pork and pork byproducts -- and the stewardesses will make sure you eat yours.
3. Passengers are encouraged to carry firearms, provided they certify that their rounds are frangibles with a muzzle velocity of less than 900 ft/sec.


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