Religious Support for Immigration Reform

I hear this a lot. Families separated by the Big, Bad, US government.

The trouble is, it's not the Fed's fault.

Think about it. The illegal alien has made a conscious choice. He (or she) left the home country, by one means or another, evaded the legally-appointed guardians of the border (both theirs and ours), and proceeded to squat in this country. What do I mean by squat? Occupying space without a right. That's correct, taking up residency without the proper papers is a crime. Just because it's possible to do so does not mean it's correct to do so. If I slap you, it was possible, but not right.

The Sisters feel that "breaking up families is immoral and un-American". Uh, Sister, WE didn't break up the family - the illegal did, when they chose specific actions that had that potential to cause the family to be separated. Further, we, in our generosity, allow all of the family to leave at the same time. We don't hold part of the family as a hostage (as does Cuba and other repressive regimes). They are completely free to return to the original country.

Oh, you mean that the kids are American citizens? Yeah, they are. They might have to spend some time in their parent's country, until they are old enough to return on their own.

Frankly, I'm not crazy about that part of the situation. I'd rather restrict "citizenship rights by birth" to those who have at least 1 American parent, or whose parents have a legal right to be residing in this country. But, that's the way the law reads now.

Not compassionate?

Tell that to the MANY visa applicants throughout the world who can't enjoy the American Dream because of these criminals, who have bypassed legal channels, and jumped in the front of the line. Yeah, some of them may need the money. But, more than her?

or this Cambodian child?

Or these forcibly-recruited child soldiers?

There are a lot of troubled children and families in the world. We can't save them all by bringing them here. And to allow special exceptions for Latinos, SOME of whom might qualify as impoverished, is unfair to the rest of the hungry, disenfranchised world.


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