CBS - Slanted News

The above broadcast showed only one illegal immigration opponent (I use that clumsy phrase, because it must be understood that none of us oppose immigration. We simply want the playing field to be level for ALL the world's people, not heavily stacked in favor of the Latinos).

It shows the usual bias of the MSM - women advocating special privileges for the illegals, a good student (a Venezuelan) who cannot take advantage of college, because he can't get reduced, in-state CITIZEN pricing, the posters of children reacting to the big, bad government taking their ILLEGAL ALIEN parents (would pro-amnesty people have the same reaction to children crying as their criminal parents were taken away - say, if they were dealing drugs, or beating their spouses? Because the only difference is the crime).

BTW, note how many of the protestors are shown with signs masking their faces, or obscured from the camera. Why don't they want their faces shown? It can't be because they fear arrest - give me a break, even those committing crimes are released again and again. Could it be that they want to advocate, without allowing anyone to identify them, and show who they REALLY are? Do they have a record? Have they been ripping off people or stores? Are they gang members?


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