What FUN!

I did something this week I've always wanted to, but never have.

In a phone call to my sister, who is in Cleveland, and suffering from the infamous Lake Effect Snow, I said:
The spring blossoms are just appearing here this week (in South Carolina)
It's a lot of fun doing that - the recipients of that information WANT to kill you, but are too far away to make any threats credible.

Here's a video from YouTube, showing the effects of the Valentine's Day Blizzard, which closed the schools and much of the city for several days. The heavy breathing on the video is due to the effort involved in lifting the snow. Each flake is relatively light, but, collectively, they are painfully heavy (particularly if it's what is called a "wet snow").

My husband took most of the day on Thursday, just trying to get his van free enough to get out of the driveway. That's the part of the North I REALLY don't miss.


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